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Logo Rebrand

The Ford oval trademark is one of the best-known corporate symbols in the world and has been in regular use for more than 50 years. The script trademark dates back to the very beginning of the company when Henry Ford’s engineering assistant developed a stylized version of the words “Ford Motor Company”.

Since 1976, the blue and silver Ford oval has been used as an identification badge on all Ford vehicles to provide an easily recognizable and consistent branding for all the company’s plants, facilities and products around the world.

With the ever increasing amount of traffic on the roads these days, and the constant rise in the fuel prices, the rush hour is becoming longer making it more important than ever to think about saving. Smaller vehicles are becoming increasingly popular.

Ford is creating the new electric mini car. An electric car uses battery power to drive the motor, burns no gasoline or other fossil fuels and is therefore a zero carbon emissions vehicle in and of it. Any emissions created are indirect, coming from the original source of the electricity.

The advantages of buying a small car are:

–       Cost: the cost is lesser than bigger cars. This makes it more affordable.

–       Parking: the smaller a car gets, the easier it is to part the car.

–       Maneuverability: helps the driver to negotiate curves more easily. This is an advantage in places with a lot of traffic.

–       Fuel: they are fuel efficient because of the less weight of the car. Great for saving money.

The new logo will still have the oval blue shape, but it will be more modern. The target market is to give teenagers and young adults the pleasure to have a small car that is affordable, eco-friendly and trendy.

Here is the evolution of the Ford logo






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