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When they are veyl’d on purpose to be seene…

If there is one thing that I would never imagine was that masks were used in the past as a form of punishment. I always though that masks were a beautiful accessory used to embellish their faces as a form of costume and fantasy. Also wearing masks it could be a form of mystery hiding the face and identity.

During the seventeenth century, a black-half mask, called as a vizard mask was used as common winter accessory covering the half of the face which I think is very charming and gives the illusion of seduction, since the face is half naked.

Another way of hiding the faces used in the past was the folding fan. They were used to cover half of the naked face that it wasn’t being covered with the mask. Most of the times it was used together as an accessory and protection. Today is still used an accessory but more like a necessity for hot days.

What was really interesting about the vizard mask was the poem wrote by Charles Cotton:

“ out of rev’end care

to save her beauty from the Air

and guard her pale Complexion

her Hood and Vizars Mask puts on”

Wearing this mask was a form of cosmetic to protect from the sun and winter stresses.

Nowadays people are always looking for products and treatments to have a better skin. If we decided to cover our faces like people from China are doing which they are calling the “face-kini” people won’t be so worried thinking about peelings, botox and all these treatments that we have on the market today.

If it is beautiful?

I have to admit that is actually kind of scary, but if you will know that you will have a better skin wearing that, why not to wear?

Or maybe we should start thinking about new designs, something more attractive for a cute “face-kini”.

I think that would be a great idea!


One response to “When they are veyl’d on purpose to be seene…

  1. Prof Lung ⋅

    face kini, great!

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