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Alter Ego

For my altering ego project I was thinking in doing something very different from me and especially different from my culture.

I’m from Brazil where is summer all year long. Summer time in Rio de Janeiro is always over 100F and winter is usually around 70F. Imagine living in a country where is hot all the time.

What do you think will be appropriate to wear?

You can say nothing…yes, I know, but you need to cover some of your skin, right?

I grow up wearing very colorful clothes, shorts, miniskirt, tank tops and always wearing a bikini under my clothes.

That is me, with my uncle and cousins when I was 6 years old with blue and pink bikini in the beach.

When I started to think about my culture I thought about being someone where I had to cover my body and skin as much as possible. That is when I decided to be a middle east women for my final project.

I thought about wearing a veil and loose clothes. The only thing that I will show is my face and my hands. All the other part of my body should be covered.

Obeying Islamic rules including Hijab or Islamic dress-code is necessary in Iran.

I talked to two of my friends who are from Iran and researched about women dress code in that region of the world.

Head: hair should be covered. It does not mean that you need to tight a scarf around your head. It’s quite acceptable for women to allow whips of their hairs to frame their face. Scarf is the most common covering for head and is called “Roosari” in Farsi.

Body: Should be covered with loose clothes like man shirt, coat or manteau. Arms should not be bare.

Legs and feet: Legs should be covered down to ankles. Feet can be bare and you can wear sandals. I found out interesting that you can actually wear jeans.

Face: make up is also appropriate to wear.

Let’s see what how people will react and how comfortable I will be in a outfit where is all covered.

My plan is to spend time at the beach, stores, bars and friend’s house.


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