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Fashioning the Self

Our identity is defined the way we dress, act, and behave ourselves. There is no visual identity if everyone would wear the same clothes and accessories. People to be accepted in a certain group needs to dress according to everyone else. If this group wears a certain type of brand they will be identify by that brand. If they are women and dress like a men they will be identified as a men and vice versa. In addition, clothing is a representation of one’s personality, culture and social status.

If you dress like a man and act like a man are you a man or a woman?

Which is your door?

I heard a lot my friends that are men complaining that they should create another bathroom only for gays and lesbians, just for the fact that they become uncomfortable with someone that it is the same gender, but acts like he is not. Who knows in the future we will have that option,huh?

To visually identify a gay or a lesbian you can just look to them and look their clothes. A gay will be much more feminine in the way they dress. They take good care of their body, they tend to care about their hair and wear tight clothes to enhance the muscles. Also they shave their body, do manicure and pedicure like women do. Of course, this is not all of them, but most of gays have this feminine side, inside of them.

On the other hand lesbians like to wear clothes that are large and stays loose on their body. They usually have short hair like men and act like men. Many times you find them wearing caps, no accessories, and no make up at all. Dressing as they were a men it is just a matter of personal choice and comfort.

It’s sad for them that they have to hear critics from society, pointing to them and making them look queer! Are they comfortable with this situation? I’m pretty sure they are not. But hopefully in the future they will be not considered being a queer.


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