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Embodying the Single Girl in the 1960s

Have you imagined how was the life of a woman before the 1960s? I remembered listened to my grandmother telling me how difficult her life was during that time.I don’t know if she considered difficult but in my opinion, it was. She was trapped in the home her entire life taking care of 6 children and discriminated against in the workplace. The 1960s, women’s liberation movement, made a significant changes for women, regards to basic rights, in the home and in the workplace.

Since media displayed beauty as the way for happiness, the women’s only importance was their bodies. They recognized that they worth more than looks, and they took the measures to overcome the media’s hype about women’s bodies. Many of the models pictures during the 60s were in movement representing the women’s evolution. Beauty was considered to be young, skinny  and free, such as the models at that time.

Twiggy was an example of a famous English model known for her large eyes, long eyelashes, thin build and short hair.

Why society compares skinny to beauty? Is skinny really beautiful?

I believe our mind is influenced by the media. We are thrown with hundreds of ads and commercials every day showing happy people. Since happiness is what most of people are looking for, our mind automatically connects happiness and skinny with beauty and prominence.  “The average American adult is exposed to over 600 advertising messages in a single 24-hour period.” (Managing Business to Business – “Marketing Communications, de Bonis and Peterson.” We are completely overloaded with informations in only one day, like this:

Don’t you think all this ads can have an impact on us? Of course it does. We are seeing everyday models that started to have eating disorders and are deathly skinny just to be part of the standard size. This is not being healthy anymore, this is a serious disease that have killed beautiful girls that are trying to be a part of this group.

 In this case will be much smarter change the word skinny = beauty,and use healthy = beauty!


One response to “Embodying the Single Girl in the 1960s

  1. madeatcsula ⋅

    some days I think it would be nice to be a house wife, be home with the kids, not be running around trying to have a career.

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