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From Fashion to Masquerade

If you look for a definition for masquerade you will find that it is a party of guests wearing costumes and masks. It also can be described as a false outward show, pretending to be someone or something that you are not. The book says it is a “ornamental philosophy” and people prefer beauty of myth and illusion, dress and manners to the troublesome ugliness of reality.

I believe people wear a masquerade constantly in their lives. There are days that people just want to pretend to be someone else that they are not and they cover themselves with “masks”. These “masks”  can be clothes, accessories, shoes, make-up, tattoo and whatever can cover your body or yourself. You will decide how you want to look.

Happy or sad?

Also masks can protected people from what is unknown and uncertain. People are concerned how society will judge them. Wearing masks can totally camouflage yourself. In some ways it gives you power to expose yourself being someone else. Hiding under masks is a way to make people look confident.

Masks can separate the reality from fantasy, creating a desired world to live in. It can also be used as a fetish. Sexy clothing can be pictured as a way to attract another person and create a fantasy in their minds. Halloween and Carnival are great examples, where some people hide themselves in masks. Usually people search for masks that they would to love to be but they are afraid to expose themselves in that way on their daily routine. During Halloween or Carnival events people experienced freedom wearing masks and creating new identities.

If you have your “masks on” you can be whoever you want to be. It’s just a matter of what you want to people believe you are.


One response to “From Fashion to Masquerade

  1. Prof Lung

    do you have an example of when you wear a mask?

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