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Welcome to Santa Monica!

Third Street Promenade also known as world-famous downtown Santa Monica hosts some of the city’s biggest stores and most famous retailers. The open-air street, pedestrian friendly only is a huge draw for shopping, dining, movie theaters, street performers, coffee places, bookstore and you can still feel the breeze from the ocean, which is only two blocks away.

Since everyone is so connect with the beach you find a lot of people riding bikes, running, walking with dogs and doing whatever it takes to keep the body in shape. Most of people in Santa Monica are very athletic and take good care of nutrition.

Because Santa Monica is a perfect place for vacationers and business travelers you find a lot of tourists, walking around with cameras, bags, and even luggage.

It’s rare to find women in high heels. I believe Santa Monica has the beach influence and people like to wear comfortable clothes, and flats for the most time. Also because you can go everywhere walking is nice to wear something very comfy.

Santa Monica is definitely a place where you can find people shopping and having fun from every part of the world everyday!


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