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Minding Appearances: style, truth, and subjectivity

I think everyone already asked someone this question “How do I look like today?”.

And of course, you always want to hear that…

Unfortunately not everyone has this mirror…

But I was one of this girl who used to ask my brother everyday this same question when I was a teenager. I think in that age you are growing and not just your body is changing but you are developing your own style. You are still insecure and wanted to be approved by your friends and society. Choosing clothes used to take me hours and hours in front of my closet…

Today I don’t feel like asking people anymore all the time how do I look, but I love hearing that I look great specially when I didn’t ask. I believe everyone likes to hear that they look good, it’s a way to elevate your self-esteem.

I keep asking myself how people identify themselves with the clothing that they choose to put on their body and why they choose that type of combination.

Waking up and dressing it depends how you feel that day. There are days that you don’t even want leave your place just to be dressing comfortable clothes. Others days you want to look your best but you are insecure because you can be to dressy. It’s difficult to please everyone but if you are confident about yourself you will look gorgeous no matter what.

Since we express ourselves with the way we dress, people usually worried if they are going to be accepted for other or not. They don’t want to be judge by anyone just because they dress in a certain way. It’s important to remember that everyone has different tastes and different styles.

“it is easier for individuals to explain verbally who they do not want to look or dress like than it is to verbalize emerging truth claims about who they are and how they want to look” (Entwistle & Wilson, 82). I found this to be so interesting. That is very true that people already know who they don’t want to look like but who they are?  Who do they want to look like?

They might still doesn’t know but one day they will figure it out!


One response to “Minding Appearances: style, truth, and subjectivity

  1. Prof Lung ⋅

    nice to hear you have out grown looking for approval.

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