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The most influential clothes for consumers are the windows. People are influenced by what the mannequin is wearing and the trends that they are seeing. Many times consumers doesn’t even know if they like or not but they will buy because it is there, on the window calling their attention. If the mannequin is wearing people assume that is cool and cute.

People express their style picking the pieces that they like, but most of them will have the same color based on what Pantone has for the season.One example is summer/2012 where the streets were super bright, everyone was wearing neon.

In the past people would wear clothes based on their social status. Nowadays everything is getting mixed it up. You can find people wearing a lot styles in one outfit. You can find rock shirts, punk hair, sneakers shoes, surfer sunglasses, modern bags, vintage accessories and a classic jeans all in only one person. It’s difficult to identify what style that person is wearing. I guess you can call it the post-fashion era, which means you are free to wear whatever you like, considering your status and social class. You are the one who decides what to wear.

Fashion is just not expressing yourself is also being smart in how you dress.Should I wear high hells or tennis shoes? It depends what you will be doing. If you are wearing tennis shoes is because you want be able to walk, jog, run and feel comfortable. On the other hand if you are wearing high heels you need to know that you are limited in doing sports. You probably will be comfortable if you are seating most of the time. To complicate a little more consumer’s mind tennis shoes brand are creating high heels. In this case what to wear?

Since this new fashion era is all mixed up, it is up to you to choose what is best for you.

But remember is not because you are wearing Nike shoes that means you can run.


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  1. Prof Lung

    end is super! Image! and connection to text.

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